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[Francis] chose a little portion of the world for himself and his followers ... In this place there was a church built for the Virgin Mother ... The saint loved this place more than any other ... He wanted it, like a mirror of the Order, always preserved in humility and highest poverty, and therefore kept its ownership in the hands of others, keeping for himself and his brothers only the use of it."

Thomas of Celano, The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul


Franciscans are wanderers.  We seek to remain open to needs, opportunities and the leading of the Spirit as we determine where and when our Brothers will serve.  Many of the places we have lived, not unlike the "Portiuncola" of St Francis described by Thomas of Celano above, have been loaned to us for a time by a parish or a diocese who provided a place for us in exchange for our presence and ministry in the community.  When circumstances and needs change, we may move on.  Some of our houses are places of long-term presence for us, others are temporary or shorter projects.  All are part of the rich fabric of our life together.  Explore the places we currently call home, and the ministries we share there, along with a glimpse of our past homes and upcoming projects.  

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San Damiano Friary is located in the Mission District of San Francisco, in a vibrant neighborhood of contrasts between rich and poor.  Brothers engage in ministries in the neighborhood and around the city.  We have lived at San Damiano since 1971, and it is now both the Provincial Office and the primary house for Novice formation.   

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