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[Francis] suddenly rose up to give praise, as if his only glory was this:  hearing good things about the brothers.  He burst out from the depths of his heart:  "I give you thanks Lord, Sanctifier and Guide of the poor, you who have gladdened me with this report about the brothers!  Bless those brothers, I beg you, with a most generous blessing, and sanctify with a special gift all those who make their profession fragrant through good example!"

The Remembrance of the Desire of a Soul, Thomas of Celano


 Brother Damien Joseph was recently interviewed by Varsity Branding, an agency providing marketing services for agencies serving senior populations.   They spoke about the special challenges facing seniors experiencing homelessness.  The interview was published in three parts, linked here (off-site links):


Part 1 - The Overlooked

Published 4/3/18

Part 2 - The Uncared For

Published 4/10/18

Part 3 - The Denied

Published 4/17/18

Published 6/1/2018

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