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Sharing books with our neighbors

The Little Free Library Book-Sharing Network is a wonderful movement that encourages people to share books in their neighborhood by setting up a simple 'library' in a public place from which people can take books at will, and where they are also encouraged to leave books for others. Dolores Street in San Francisco is an ideal setting for such a Library, with many pedestrians passing by opposite Dolores Park every day. The brothers have now become 'Stewards' of their own Little Library. In the very first few days we saw a good turn over of books as some of those we had provided disappeared and others appeared in their place. The books have ranged from Poetry and Buddhist Philosophy to an Encyclopedia of Wine (there for just one morning!) and novels and children's books. We blessed the Library a few days before Francistide, Brother Robert Hugh saying the blessing from the top of our steps before Desmond Alban sprinkled the new Library with Holy Water.


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